Commercial Rope Access Specialists

The Benefits

The primary benefits of rope access are Safety, Cost and Flexibility

■The certainty of safe working and a single point of contact – R&P Access teams provide both the safe means of access and undertake the work.

■Rapid set-up and dismantling – minimal disruption to building occupants, pedestrians and traffic flow.

■No security risk on site – all equipment removed overnight and no structure that might allow criminal use or vandalism.

■The assurance that comes from employing a well-trained and supervised work force operating to effective and proven guidelines.

■R&P Access prepares a Method Statement and Risk Assessment for every project. This will explain exactly what they will do, how they will do it and detail particular safety precautions.

■Every job is carried out to HSE guidelines, which require a double rope system and failsafe devices. Every rope access specialist is highly experienced and fully trained to the highest level. Protective safety netting can be used where necessary.

■Generally the only requirement is internal access to the roof to find suitable anchor points (lift housings, fire escapes, structural steelwork).

■Provides a cost saving through the elimination or reduction of scaffolding or mobile elevated work platforms.