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Work Positioning Netting

Work Position Netting, Work Platform nets, or ‘walk on nets’ can be an alternative form of access other than traditional methods such as scaffolding where MEWP access is unavailable.

These systems have been successfully installed and used on many sites with HSE approval in the UK with no reportable accidents.

Nets are manufactured to BS EN 1263-1 as traditional mansafe safety nets, however these nets are a much higher specification of Class B 4.4kJ and must be either 45mm or 60mm mesh size. Being a textile system, it is very light weight, cost effective and massively reduces man hours working at height by the installation and removal process.

Walk On Nets are specifically designed and engineered for the individual requirement of a project, with stretch calculations taken into consideration and designed in such a way as to remove any sag at installation which helps reduce the deflection when in use. Systems are normally installed with a 36kg burst strength factory fitted debris net to conceal the workspace allowing parallel works to continue below. Each system also incorporates a secondary back up system like traditional safety nets which are collective protection or safety lines to allow unrestricted movement for the workforce.

The installed system should be braced with straps both lengthways and diagonally in a 2 x 2m grid, in order to reduce the level of deflection when the system is in use by workers. When the system is installed the bracing should be made in such a way that the users do not sink in no further than 50cm and any possible fall heights should not exceed 2m into the system

Walk On Nets are only a temporary method of support, and must accompany the following requirements to comply with current regulations:-

  • Competent assessment of substrate / structure suitability
  • Bespoke engineered class B safety net, cut and patterned to best fit
  • Independent secondary backup system for end user
  • Collective protection over personal protection for backup system
  • Installed by competent persons
  • Training for end user in use and inspection

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